Rural Medical Outreach

Through our bi-annualĀ medical caravans we provide free medical care and medicine to rural villages within the proximity of our clinic within Kilimanjaro Region. We visit villages twice over a two week period; first for primary patient care and then the following week again for follow up. We typically see five villages within a two week period.

We have been conducting medical outreach since 2008 and have built strong relationships with the local government health care providers. We partner with the local health clinics and dispensaries, many of which are lacking resources. We assist in building the capacity of the local nurses and doctors as well as educate patients on the importance of regular check ups at their local health facilities. However, there are not always the services available that are necessary for our patients which is why the communities are all within a reasonable distance to our clinic in case they need follow up. We also provide referrals to other larger hospitals for major operations.

A typical two week medical outreach provides free care and medicine to over 1,500 patients. We also support life threatening and life changing surgeries, which we typically ask for a matching contribution from the family. One example of this is surgery for cataracts. On our last medical outreach we provided support for eight patients to have cataract surgery which assisted in restoring their vision. Pamoja Tunaweza paid the equivalent of $20 USD and the patient matched this amount. Some of the patients did not even know there was a surgery available to help restore their vision!

Rural medical outreach is a cornerstone of our work providing not only free medical care but also providing an amazing opportunity for our volunteers and guests to provide meaningful care and capacity building for local Tanzanians. If interested in participating, please see our medical caravan page.