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We are a Tanzanian registered organization but we have partners in the US, UK and Canada that will make your donations tax-deductible. Click the links above for off-line donation options.


We run a not-for-profit local general practice dispensary which provides primary healthcare for our clients in the Kilimanjaro Region (Registration number 036221). Our dispensary is located in Moshi town in the neighborhood of Rau. Our team of healthcare professionals, which includes a Medical Doctor, Clinical Officer and a Registered Nurse, provides low-cost non-judgemental, compassionate and reliable outpatient healthcare to those in need. We see approximately 25 patients a day with 70% of our patients being women.

The services provided at the clinic include:

  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Subsidized “at cost” medicine from our pharmacy
  • Health education and counselling
  • Free treatment for local orphanage and street children centers, such as, Msamaria, Salama Center and Tuleeni
  • Referrals to hospitals
  • Free care provided to the most vulnerable people