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We are a Tanzanian registered organization but we have partners in the US, UK and Canada that will make your donations tax-deductible. Click the links above for off-line donation options.


Solar Lantern Project

In 2014 we received a donation of solar lanterns from Star EcoWorks which we aimed to use to provide an alternative power source and income generating activity for some of our beneficiaries.We began working in the community of Mahida distributing solar lanterns with a light and USB charger. In 2015, eight vulnerable women received solar lanterns in a rent to own scheme that we hope will help to reduce the negative health benefits of burning kerosene lanterns, increase the time children can study, and also provide income generating opportunities for the recipients as the lantern has a USB universal phone charger.These solar lanterns were donated by STAR EcoWorks from the Heal Our World (H.O.W.) project in Victoria, Canada.

Wasichana Wanaweza

Wasichana Wanaweza is a program aimed to assist patients of our health clinic with paying their children’s school fees. This program has played an instrumental role in assisting some of the most vulnerable families in the villages we serve by ensuring their children can properly attend school. All of the beneficiaries are survivors of gender-based violence and we assist in paying tuition fees, books and uniforms.The program began in 2012 and has been supported by individual and group donors from abroad. Our core support comes from a group of “Canadian Mamas” whom were inspired during a medical outreach trip in 2013 and have since supported 14 students.  Overall we currently support 21 children from primary to tertiary school across various regions in Tanzania. Many have moved from Kilimanjaro Region to secure placement in more prestigious or boarding schools in other regions.

“Mini” caravans

In addition to our bi-annual two week caravans, we also do “mini caravans” to communities as the need and opportunity arises. We typically visit a community for one or two days providing the same free medical services as our larger caravans. Various partner organizations in the Kilimanjaro Region have used our expertise and experience to assist in conducting health service outreach for the benefit of the community. If your organization is interested in partnering, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Economic Empowerment

In the past PTWC has also provided economic empowerment for some of the most vulnerable women in Kilimanjaro Region. We have provided small loans for business, home improvements and support for children in school. We hope to expand on these programs in the coming year.