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We are a Tanzanian registered organization but we have partners in the US, UK and Canada that will make your donations tax-deductible. Click the links above for off-line donation options.


Recent Reports

January-June 2016 Biannual Report (download here)

February 2016 Rural Medical Outreach Caravan Report (download here)

July-December 2015 Biannual Report (download here)

October 2015 Rural Medical Outreach Caravan Report (download here)

January-June 2015 Biannual Report (download here)


Latest News

May 2016: Kingston Nursing Students Help Out in Tanzania (Thewhig.com)

March 2016: St. Lawrence College Students are Pioneers in Nursing (Kingston Region)


Archived News

May 2015: Tanzania's model peritoneal dialysis programme. (The Lancet)

March 2015: Saving lives of pregnant women in Africa. (Station 14)

March 12, 2015: Mobile platform will help monitor women in Tanzania for preeclampsia and eclampsia. (Thewhig.com)

April 18, 2013: Coffee Tasting Fundraiser in Support of Oral Care in Tanzania (Kingston EMC)

Spring 2013: Committed to Making a Difference (pg 3) (Journey Newsletter)

February 7, 2013: Changing the World, One Work of Art at a Time (Frontenac EMC)

December 3, 2012: Winston Students Make a Difference (pg 3) (The Churchill Chat)

November 30, 2012: Karen's African Adventure (Dr. Karen Yeates interviewed on CBC radio's Fresh Air)

November 26, 2012: The Kilimanjaro Cervical Cancer Screening Project (CNN International)

November 22, 2012: Modernizing Research (Kingston Whig Standard)

November 26, 2012: Exhibit at Gallery Raymond to Raise Money for Africa (Kingston This Week)

August 16, 2012: Popular Art Show to Feature Well-Known Artist, Heather Haynes (St. Lawrence EMC)

June 21, 2012: A Layered Approach (Kingston Whig Standard)

January 22, 2012: A Youngster with Vision (Kingston Whig Standard)

December 2011: Worlds Collide Again (South Crosby Public School newsletter)

September/October 2011: Foreign Aid (Kingston Life)

July 14, 2011: Worlds Collide (Kingstonist)

March 14, 2011: Pamoja Tunaweza Grand Opening (youtube video)

Winter 2011: The Gift of Compassion Circumvents All Borders (South Crosby Public School newsletter)

December 10, 2010: Grandparents Giving Back in Africa (Peterborough This Week