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The Pamoja Tunaweza Women’s Center (PTWC) opened in 2007 as a collaboration between CACHA (Canada Africa Community Health Alliance) and KWIECO (Kilimanjaro Women Information Exchange and Consultancy Organization). Originally, PTWC provided temporary shelter as well as social support, counselling services and a business training and micro-finance program for the most vulnerable women and their children. Very quickly, the need to expand the services to provide medical care, became evident and the Center started providing affordable care for the people of the region. In addition, doctors Karen Yeates and Jenn Carpenter lead twice-yearly medical caravans with volunteers to provide care in the villages surrounding Moshi and identify persons in need of follow-up at the PTWC.

The culmination of the early events of PTWC occurred in 2010 when a private donor provided the funds to buy the building in which we now reside and PTWC formally registered as an NGO in Tanzania.  The clinic services continued to thrive in its new location, providing expanded clinic services for all residents of the Kilimanjaro Region, while also continuing our priorities of empowering vulnerable women through social support, micro-finance, and health education

In the last five years the health clinic has continued to provide primary outpatient care to both residents of Moshi and those who have been served during medical caravans. 2011 saw our first involvement in research programs in PURE, while the following years saw us become increasingly involved in research with the addition of The Kilimanjaro Cervical Cancer Screening and Dream Global Hypertension Detection and Management Study in 2012. TIPSIII followed in 2013 and most recently, our HASA study kicked off in 2014.

At the end of 2014 PTWC underwent a strategic review and entered 2015 with a renewed focus and strategic plan. While we are continuing our core efforts of providing affordable and quality medical care, we are also aiming to rejuvenate our micro-finance program for vulnerable women, health education programs, and expand our educational and volunteer opportunities for visitors.