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We are a Tanzanian registered organization but we have partners in the US, UK and Canada that will make your donations tax-deductible. Click the links above for off-line donation options.





Pamoja Tunaweza Boys and Girls Club

Pamoja Tunaweza Boys and Girls Club is under the umbrella of PTWC here in Moshi and works to address the youth. They serve more than 100 local boys and girls, aiming to provide a safe and healthy environment where these young people can develop the skills necessary for a sustainable future. PTWC provides the club with free medical care and consultation.



The Kilimanjaro Women Information Exchange and Consultancy Organization (KWIECO) works with human rights, women’s rights, and legal consultation in Kilimanjaro Region. KWIECO has been a major partner for PTWC since the beginning of our activities in Kilimanjaro Region and supported us in our beginning stages. They remain an active partner in referrals and legal support for our patients.


Safari Operators:

PTWC receives a variety of guests, many of whom want to enjoy the various recreational activities Tanzania has to offer. PTWC supports the following tour operators; each tour operator is properly licensed and has an MOU with PTWC whereby a portion of profits are donated to the clinic.